Month: November 2018

The Do’s and Don’ts of Making a Website

If you want to make sure that you are creating an effective website design, then you should know the do’s and don’ts of making a website.

In creating a website design, there are certain do’s and don’ts to follow to make sure you created a good one that can fit the internet’s standard. As you all know, the internet and search engine are particular with websites with the most unique designs— it’s your duty to make sure that you got them right.

Apart from crafting and designing the best design, one that is engaging and appealing to the visitor’s eye. But apart from that, there are still a lot more things to consider in creating a website. And today’s blog post will talk all about those do’s and dont’s! Let’s check this out!

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The Do’s and Don’ts

Let us first start with the do’s. The things that are needed to do when creating a website. Of course, it is very important to be very careful and mindful in whatever you incorporate and do to maintain and keep a beautiful website design for your visitors. All the reason why you should be mindful of all these things. Here it goes…

# 1

Don’t copy. Never ever copy any content from the internet. That is the number rule when you are creating a website of your own. Chances are you can be sue from doing so or your visitors will think that you don’t have the idea and wit to deliver to them unique and interesting content.

Do keep content short and sweet but real. If people online does not want to read any copied content from other websites, then they sure don’t want to read lengthy passages too! Make sure that if you want them to converse and engage with you, you only published short content but those that are real and original.

# 2

Don’t use large sized images and fonts. When uploading for images make suret that you use high quality images but make it to a point that those aren’t too big for a desktop screen or a mobile screen. Or perhaps, large images can slow your loading speed too, same with your fonts. If you have a low loading page then your visitors would not be able to enjoy browsing your website— it will just turn them off.

Do optimize everything in your website. It is best that you optimized everything that you upload and add on your website. Optimized the images that it can work better for both desktop users and mobile users. Also, your font must not be too bright and make it to a point to use free fonts and themes too.

# 3

Don’t forget to spill your information. It is an online homepage of yourself or of your business, make sure that your visitors can find whatever information they are looking for from you in your website.

Do leave a call to action or CTA. make sure that you do not allow your visitors to leave without doing something. You can have them sign up for a newsletter, or have them like your social media channels.

Unusual But Helpful Tips To Improve Your Web-Designing Skills

All of us wants to improve our web design skills, and if you are looking out on all the very talented web designers, you might learn that the most important thing to remember, no matter how skilful or talent they may be, is that all of them were in your shoes at some point in time, and this did not become an overnight recipe in order for them to improve, but rather they put on effort, hard work, and dedication to get them to the top.

In this article, from our friends from web site design uk, we will help you in learning some simple tips that may help improve your web design skills and this goes beyond the conventional tips that tells you to pair up those two fonts together, etc., but rather give you a higher level of concepts that you can utilize in building a solid foundation and traits that you will certainly need to improve your web design skills across the board, so let us get started.

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· BUILD YOUR OWN SANDBOX WHERE YOU CAN PRACTICE YOUR SKILLS- Like what we said above, there are no shortcuts, to improve your web design skills, and all you can do is to follow all our tips listed. Like what they said, practice makes perfect, but in the web-designing industry, perfect is a mere word that translates to hard work and dedication that is why having your own sandbox or an avenue to improve your web designing skills is important. Create your space which has a local host and tries creating different themes so that you are exposed to different concepts that your clients might be demanding from you.

· BE INSPIRED OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS- Sometimes the best concept and idea is not found on the internet but rather in your surroundings that might be a clue to unlock endless possibilities. Try using art as a form of concept in designing a website, use brutalist ideas or minimalist ideas that might fit in with designing a website. Take a stroll in your downtown or uptown area and watch architectural designs that might be possible to be applied to your projects, and you can even conceptualize a lot more things if you just observe and appreciate your surroundings.

· ACCEPT CRITICISMS AND LEARN FROM FEEDBACKS- Not all criticisms must be taken too personally, there are constructive criticisms that you will surely learn from it, and of course, you should accept it like a man (or a strong person rather), that it is not all the time everyone loves your work. From there, you can correct all mistakes and find better ideas to improve your web designing skills. Receive feedback and treat it like a new knowledge that will feed your brain because it is not all the time that your idea and concept are the things that are ‘in’ and in trend.

· THEORIES ARE IMPORTANT- Realistically speaking, theories make sense, even though these are the just factual hypothesis that people create to speak their minds out, but theories sometimes make a lot of sense. If you are practising a design in your sandbox, with all those criticisms, feedbacks and concepts that you have gathered, you will surely formulate a good theory that might have a good conclusion. You can learn about the grid theory, the colour theory, as well as typography, and other important aspects in web designing because of the things that are theorized that might have factual answers.